Not Wanting A Lawn Service

Ok guys, so I am turning to the almighty power of the internet to see if anyone can help me with this weed problem that I seem be having.   I am not sure if I have a weed running rampant in my lawn, or if some other type of grass has sneaked it’s grimy little paws into my the ecosystem of my grass.   I have been fighting this patch of weed/grass for about 2 years now.   Anyone know what this is?  See the pics below.  It is the taller pieces of green sticking up past all of the other grass.

weed problem 1 Weed problem 2


I have tried putting multiple different weed killers on it, but so far no luck killing it.  I have tried this stuff called sedgehammer, thinking it may be a nutsedge weed.    I have also tried this stuff called Ferti-Lome that kills other weeds.  I thought this stuff had killed it, but then later in the year it was growing back again.   I have no idea how to kill this silly weed (if that is in fact what it is).

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