Home Improvements and My Budget

home improvementWhen I first stepped into the home improvement game, I found out that I haven’t paid much attention to most of the advice given to me over the years. Friends and colleagues alike have talked about their houses, simple fixes they applied and also about hiring professional aid; I guess my mind was focused only on the essentials in and around my home.
During the last three years I’ve learned how to manage what I now call “The Home Improvements Budget”. I’ve sat down with my wife one day, and we calculated the costs in and around our family home. When I presented these numbers to Brian, one of my coworkers, he couldn’t believe our bottom line. That was the moment I’ve learned that taking good care about your home actually goes in hand with increasing the overall value of your entire neighborhood. Truth be told, I was really missing a lot of those tips that I seemed to have forgotten about over the years.

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