Loving The HOA

Living in an HOA has both positives, and negative aspects at times.  Everyone that is part of an HOA can probably relate.  Most of the time we love the HOA as it helps to protect the values of our home, and neighborhood.  The downside to the HOA are the fees, the meetings, and when they tell you that you are in violation.


The Last HOA Meeting

During our last HOA meeting, it was brought up that our HOA is considering re-striping the parking lot next to our tennis court in our local neighborhood park.   They were asking if anyone in the neighborhood had connections with someone in the business.  I don’t know the first thing about this business but when we met and they presented the budget and talked about who the best company to use was immediately thought of my friend John, because in high school he worked for a company that did parking lot striping.  I have not talked to John in a while, so I looked him up on facebook real quick, and found him right away.  I sent him a quick friend request, and in a matter of minutes he was now my “new found” friend again.

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