Project: Painting The Bedroom

Painting a bedroom is a great way to transform and update the entire room.  If you have never painted a room it can seem to be somewhat complicated at first, though it is a fun thing to do. You could always hire a painter, but depending on your budget that may not be an option and let’s face it, you would not get to have any of the fun. I know that I am not experienced painting, but with a couple of google searches, I was able to find some great ideas, and figure out all the supplies I needed before making a trip to buy the supplies.

The first thing that I had to make a decision about was the color of the paint.  The previous color was pure white, so I decided to make some changes by choosing dark gray with white trim accents. I wanted the room to look classy, yet inviting and based on the searches I had done on the internet it seemed this was an “in” color scheme to go with for any room in you home.



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