About Me

The VernThanks for visiting my new site called Welcome To Vernon.   I am your host Vernon.   So just thought the name of this site would be cool to include my name.  haha.   I am a typical guy, doing typical things, and livin’ life to the fullest.   I love to do home improvements, and DIY type stuff, so I wanted to put this cool site together to share some tips, tricks, and anything else I can think of.   Maybe you can learn from my mistakes and successes as well.    Let’s face it we all know the rule of measure twice, cut once, but it seems when doing home renovations sometimes things just don’t happen in that order.  I have had a few times where I mess up make a wrong cut here and there, and yeah I may get upset and through a temper tantrum after I come to the realization that I just made a huge mistake that could cost a lot of money.   But I will spare you from all of those childish stories.

I live down south, love to eat fried chicken and mashed potatoes, but I try not to because it simply hangs on much longer than I prefer.   Gettin’ the ol’ spare-tire around the midsection after hitting 30, can I get a witness?  So I have become accustomed to green smoothies, kale, and the occasional sneak to the fridge for some ice cream here and there.   I figure I cant give it all up.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my blog, and all the tips, pics, and videos I hope to share with you.  Don’t get too upset with me if you find this blog halfway finished and realize I got caught up in the next project and forgot to come back to update it here and there.   That is not my intention at all, but I do know that when it comes to me, I tend to start one thing and move on to the next, but hopefully that will not be the case here.

Ok enough about me, you can either click the back button or click here to move on to the good stuff.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.