Exterior Shutter Staining

Exterior shutter staining is a means of adding color to your exterior shutter to either beautify or restore faded shutters. An exterior shutter can either be made of wood or metal. The Exterior shutter adds to the beauty of the home when the stain selected corresponds with the house painting. Different colors from which you can select from are available but might be determined by preference, availability of color and cost.    Article Sponsored By: Concrete Staining Companies

Can you restore faded shutters?

Shutters are affected by direct sunlight on it and the color fades away with time thereby requiring a new stain of color or restoring with the prior color. Having a faded shutter is not the only valid reason why your shutter might need a new stain; to some people, they re-stain their shutter just to give an extra touch for aesthetic purpose. Are you worried about the cost of replacing your shutter (s) when the color fades away?

You need not worry anymore; a faded shutter can be restored to its fine appearance without having to replace your shutters with new ones. An important factor that might influence if you should restore your faded shutter is the cost involved; it might sound expensive but before making your decision, estimate a likely cost to be involved.

Restoring your faded shutter is not so complex and it is a task you can handle yourself provided you the know-how and have the time on your hands, but if this is not the case, you can contact any expert available to fix it up for you. Before adding a new stain to your shutter, you should select a new color of your choice and prepare your shutters by cleaning it to remove any dust particles on it. Also, you can either stain your shutter hanging or remove it but you should not forget mapping out the surroundings with a paint tape to avoid staining your walls.    

Treating and re-staining wooden shutters

The addition of a wooden shutter to the home gives something extra to the home and makes it more appealing to the eyes. However, due to the fact that the shutter is made of wood, it becomes a necessity for it to be treated and re-strained when the need arises to preserve and prolong the life of the wood. Failure to treat and re-stain wooden shutter at intervals may lead to rotten of the wood used and need to replace instead of refurnishing. It is important to know that how often you treat and re-stain your wooden shutter would determine its longevity. 

To save yourself the cost of a new wooden shutter, it is essential that you treat and re-stain it. Treatment includes cleaning off dust particles, removing old stain by making use of sandpaper, adding wood filler to any gaps and re-staining with new paint. There is no breaking the bank with treating and re-staining of wooden shutters and it central to its longevity, therefore, it should be performed when necessary. 

Tips to maintain your wooden shutters

There is a need to maintain your wooden shutters at home to keep it in excellent shape at all times. With no exaggeration, maintenance is not just important, it is a necessity and without which your wooden shutters will lose its shape in no time. Let’s take a quick look at the tips you can uptake to maintain your wooden shutters;

Prevent dust to the minimal

It is inevitable for the dust to accumulate on the surface of the wooden shutter which makes it color fades away if not cleaned regularly. The use of a dryer sheet helps to reduce the amount of dust that gets to the surface and prevents clinging on the wooden shutter.

Cleaning know-how

Knowing how to clean your wooden shutters will help a long way. This involves selecting the right method of cleaning; the right soap, detergents, or polish to be used. Also, before you use any laundry bleach for cleaning your wooden shutters, mix it as appropriate and apply on a small part not visible to the eyes to know if it will affect the shutter color. 

Monthly cleaning 

Always find time to clean your wooden shutter at least once monthly, the essence of this is to eliminate dust, dirt and other particles that are unfriendly to the wooden shutter. 

The use of newspaper

During cleaning, you can apply a newspaper over the surface you’ve cleaned below to make it easier to remove any dirt dropping and save you the stress of re-cleaning.

The use of microfiber and paintbrush 

Microfiber helps to go through the cleaning without wasting much time but it does not give the best cleaning outcome. To remove any large particles on the surface of the wooden shutters, make use of a paintbrush. 

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