I Have A Weed Problem

Not Wanting A Lawn Service

Ok guys, so I am turning to the almighty power of the internet to see if anyone can help me with this weed problem that I seem be having.   I am not sure if I have a weed running rampant in my lawn, or if some other type of grass has sneaked it’s grimy little paws into my the ecosystem of my grass.   I have been fighting this patch of weed/grass for about 2 years now.   Anyone know what this is?  See the pics below.  It is the taller pieces of green sticking up past all of the other grass.

weed problem 1 Weed problem 2


I have tried putting multiple different weed killers on it, but so far no luck killing it.  I have tried this stuff called sedgehammer, thinking it may be a nutsedge weed.    I have also tried this stuff called Ferti-Lome that kills other weeds.  I thought this stuff had killed it, but then later in the year it was growing back again.   I have no idea how to kill this silly weed (if that is in fact what it is).

Weed Problem 3

When the grass is freshly mowed, you do not notice these at all and the lawn looks perfect.   But after a few days of watering the lawn these little buggers seem to pop right back up and grow faster than the actual grass, so it starts looking really bad again really fast.   I am almost embarrassed about this unsightly weed issue, but I have no idea what to do next, aside from hiring a lawn care service….which I really do not want to do.   I know this sounds crazy, but I love mowing and taking care of the lawn, thus why this issue is bugging me so much.

So who knows what it is?

If any of you know what it is, please contact me, because it is simply driving me nuts.   I am to the point of thinking I need to rip out the entire front lawn and re-sod the area.   I dont want to do that basically be cause of the expense, but I also do not want this ugly looking weed/grass in my lawn either.

I guess I could throw some round up on it and kill the entire area, but then that would probably look worse than it does now.   If anyone has any tips, or tricks of how to get rid of this unsightly mess please do let me know.  If you suggestion works I will be forever indebted to you.

Looking forward to killing this weed.