Home Improvements by Cleaning

Start With The Filters

I know when you think of home improvements you typically think of breaking out the saw, hammers, and a few screw drivers to actually build or repair something.   I wanted to have your mind think of home improvements slightly different today.   Sometimes just cleaning up your property, and doing normal proper maintenance is the best home improvement you can do.

I was looking at my air filter the other day and realize it was dirty as sin, and I wasn’t sure when I had actually last changed it.   To be honest, I was pretty embarrassed to think how dirty this filter actually was, and how bad the air quality in my home was because the filter was so jacked up.

dirty filter grate Dirty Filter


How to change the filter.

  • First thing you need to do is make sure you buy the right size air filter.  If you are not sure of the size, simply remove the current filter and it will have the sizes labeled right on the filter.   Then make your way to Home Depot or Lowes, or your nearest home goods store so you can buy a filter.   I would even suggest buying additional filters, and setting some type of calendar alert so that you remember to change your filter more often.
  • Now that you have your filters in hand, you simply just remove the old filter and put in the new one.  My filters are in the ceiling, and I do need a ladder to change them.  Yours may be located somewhere else.  I have seen them in the walls on other homes, so yours could be anywhere really.
  • Next take the old filter and simply throw it away.

If you happen to have a permanent filter, then instead of throwing it away you would just take it out back and turn on the hose and wash all of the nasty dust off of it, and get it all cleaned up.

Other Filters

While you are in filter cleaning/replacing mode you should go ahead and clean all other filters you may have in your house.  At least check them so you can keep them on a regular changing schedule.  Of the top of my head I can think of other filters in my home.

  • Dryer Filter
  • Dishwasher filter (this one is rinse clean only, no replacing)
  • Water filter in my refrigerator (replace only)

You may have other filters in your home, just simply get everything cleaned up so that you are living in a cleaner environment.   It really kind of ooged me out when I saw how nasty that air filter had become.  I do not ever intend on letting it get that dirty again.

Like I said this may not seem like much of a home improvement tip, but I for sure know that by changing the filters I was improving things around the house.   I hope you guys like this little tip of the day.  If not you can contact me to yell at me about it.

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