Project: Painting The Bedroom

Painting a bedroom is a great way to transform and update the entire room.  If you have never painted a room it can seem to be somewhat complicated at first, though it is a fun thing to do. You could always hire a painter, but depending on your budget that may not be an option and let’s face it, you would not get to have any of the fun. I know that I am not experienced painting, but with a couple of google searches, I was able to find some great ideas, and figure out all the supplies I needed before making a trip to buy the supplies.

The first thing that I had to make a decision about was the color of the paint.  The previous color was pure white, so I decided to make some changes by choosing dark gray with white trim accents. I wanted the room to look classy, yet inviting and based on the searches I had done on the internet it seemed this was an “in” color scheme to go with for any room in you home.



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Not Wanting A Lawn Service

Ok guys, so I am turning to the almighty power of the internet to see if anyone can help me with this weed problem that I seem be having.   I am not sure if I have a weed running rampant in my lawn, or if some other type of grass has sneaked it’s grimy little paws into my the ecosystem of my grass.   I have been fighting this patch of weed/grass for about 2 years now.   Anyone know what this is?  See the pics below.  It is the taller pieces of green sticking up past all of the other grass.

weed problem 1 Weed problem 2


I have tried putting multiple different weed killers on it, but so far no luck killing it.  I have tried this stuff called sedgehammer, thinking it may be a nutsedge weed.    I have also tried this stuff called Ferti-Lome that kills other weeds.  I thought this stuff had killed it, but then later in the year it was growing back again.   I have no idea how to kill this silly weed (if that is in fact what it is).

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Start With The Filters

I know when you think of home improvements you typically think of breaking out the saw, hammers, and a few screw drivers to actually build or repair something.   I wanted to have your mind think of home improvements slightly different today.   Sometimes just cleaning up your property, and doing normal proper maintenance is the best home improvement you can do.

I was looking at my air filter the other day and realize it was dirty as sin, and I wasn’t sure when I had actually last changed it.   To be honest, I was pretty embarrassed to think how dirty this filter actually was, and how bad the air quality in my home was because the filter was so jacked up.

dirty filter grate Dirty Filter


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Home Improvements and My Budget

home improvementWhen I first stepped into the home improvement game, I found out that I haven’t paid much attention to most of the advice given to me over the years. Friends and colleagues alike have talked about their houses, simple fixes they applied and also about hiring professional aid; I guess my mind was focused only on the essentials in and around my home.
During the last three years I’ve learned how to manage what I now call “The Home Improvements Budget”. I’ve sat down with my wife one day, and we calculated the costs in and around our family home. When I presented these numbers to Brian, one of my coworkers, he couldn’t believe our bottom line. That was the moment I’ve learned that taking good care about your home actually goes in hand with increasing the overall value of your entire neighborhood. Truth be told, I was really missing a lot of those tips that I seemed to have forgotten about over the years.

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